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Weather Forecast for Major cities

Description: This package gives you the weather forecasting details like temperature, humidity and precipitation for Major cities in the world. Also it gives the time for required city which will be based on the user's choice. It also gives next five hour details of each city.

Note: The details provided by this package are calculated one. Not the real-time weather details. It is used for the educational purposes.

There are three functions available in this package:

  1. allTimeZones(): This function requies no input. If we call the function it will result in object consists of 22 major cities with their name, date and time, time zone, temperature, humidity and precipation.
  2. timeForOneCity(cityName): This function will provide the current time and date. It requires one parameter which is the name of the city.
  3. nextNhoursWeather(cityDateTime,noOfHours,lastForecast): This function will return next N hours temperature of the current city. Three inputs - 1. cityDateTime 2. noOfHours 3. lastForecast.

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