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A simple file based wiki web server that doubles as a static file server

Main features

  • Easy to customize layout and style
  • Doubles as a static file server
  • Inteded to work well as a git-based wiki
  • Built in search


Install using npm:

$ npm install weaki -g

Start it up for a given directory:

cd projects/my_wiki_directory
$ weaki init
$ weaki start

Note: When you run weaki init, it creates a directory in the current working directory named .weaki. Inside of it are jade templates and a stylesheet, so you can customize it relatively easily.

There is also a config.json file where you can set the following options:

  • inlineExt: define a list of file extensions to inline in the wiki - eg. if you want to inline html documents, which are not inlined by default (default ['md', 'markdown', 'txt'])
  • title: The title of your wiki
  • port: Port to run the webserver at

Command line options

  Usage: weaki [command] [options]
    init            Initialize the current directory with the default template and
    start           Starts the web server with the specified directory (or current
                    directory if none is specified (this is the default command)
    --version, -v   Prints out the current version
    --help, -h      Prints this help message
    --dir <dir>     Sets the directory to use (defaults to current working directory)


  • Make search indexing happen async
  • Save search index (possibly)
  • Add tests
  • Modularize all the things?


MIT license