A simple file based wiki server that doubles as a static file server


A simple file based markdown wiki server.

  • Easy to customize the style
  • Serves up other kinds of files as well
  • Inteded to work well as a git-based wiki
  • Built in search

Install using npm:

$ npm install weaki -g

Start it up for a given directory:

cd projects/my_wiki_directory
$ weaki

Note: First time you run weaki, it creates a directory in the current working directory named .weaki. Inside of it are jade templates and a stylesheet, so you can customize it relatively easily.

There is also a config.json file where you can set the following options:

  • inline-types: define a list of file extensions to inline in the wiki - eg. if you want to inline html documents, which are not inlined by default (default ['md', 'markdown'])
Usage: weaki [directory] [options]
  --version     Prints out the current version
### Todo 
- Use config.json
- Implement the init command
- Add search
### License 
MIT license