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    With this plugin for it is easy to properly cleanup after each test. Cleanup after test might get complicated. For example: Lets say you are creating a bank account and then adding an investment plan and depositing there some money. If you try to delete the account you'd probably get a refusion because the account is not empty. cleanup-total helps you to do it systematically by 'marking' each entity you create for deletion right after its creation. When the test is finished, cleanup-total would delete the investment plan, the deposit and the account in the right order.


    The easiest way to install this module as a (dev-)dependency is by using the following command:
    npm install wdio-cleanuptotal-service --save-dev


    Add wdio-cleanuptotal-service to your wdio.conf.js:

    exports.config = {
      // ...
      services: ['cleanuptotal']
      // ...

    or with the service options:

    exports.config = {
      // ...
      services: [
              // TODO: you can put here any logger function
                customLoggerMethod: allureReporter.addStep
      // ...

    Usage in test

    Just import cleanuptotal where you need it, whether it be your test file or any other class:

    import { cleanuptotal } from "wdio-cleanuptotal-service";
    it("should keep things tidy", () => {
                // ...
                const accountId = createAccount("John Blow");
                cleanupTotal.addCleanup(async () => { await deleteAccount(accountId) }); // TODO: mark for deletion * 
                addInvestmentPlan(accountId, "ModRisk");
                cleanupTotal.addCleanup(async () => { await removeInvestmentPlan(accountId) }); // TODO: mark for deletion *
                deposit(accountId, 1000000);
                cleanupTotal.addCleanup(async () => { await removeDeposit(accountId) }); // TODO: mark for deletion *
            // TODO: * Please note that the actual execution of the cleanup code would take palce AFTER test completion.

    Typescript support

    Typescript is supported for this plugin.


    npm i wdio-cleanuptotal-service

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