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    Get changed files & their statuses since any git revision

    what's this do?

    A micro-lib to retrieve an array of file names that were changed since a revision. Also sports a cli for use outside of JavaScript c.s.

    • ⚠️ Interface is stable, but can can change until 1.0.0 is published ⚠️


    I needed something simple and robust to support some upcoming features in dependency-cruiser and to run standalone to use in combination with dependency-cruiser.

    There are a few specialized packages like this on npm, but it seems they've fallen out of maintenance. More generic packages are still maintained, but for just this simple usage they're a bit overkill.

    👷 usage

    📜 API

    // const { listSync, getSHASync } = require("watskeburt"); // in commonjs contexts you can also require it
    import { listSync, getSHASync } from "watskeburt";
    // print the SHA1 of the current HEAD
    // list all files that differ between 'main' and the current revision (including
    // files not staged for commit and files not under revision control)
    /** @type {import('watskeburt').IChange[]} */
    const lChangedFiles = listSync("main");
    // list all files that differ between 'v0.6.1' and 'v0.7.1' (by definition
    // won't include files staged for commit and/ or not under revision control)
    /** @type {import('watskeburt').IChange[]} */
    const lChangedFiles = listSync("v0.6.1", "v0.7.1");
    // As a third parameter you can pass some options
    // (pass null as the second parameter if you only want to compare between
    // a revision and the working tree):
    /** @type {import('watskeburt').IChange[]|string} */
    const lChangedFiles = listSync("main", null, {
      trackedOnly: false, // when set to true leaves out files not under revision control
      outputType: "object", // other options: "json" and "regex" (as used in the CLI)

    The array of changes this returns looks like this:

        name: "doc/",
        changeType: "modified",
        name: "test/thing.spec.mjs",
        changeType: "renamed",
        oldName: "test/old-thing.spec.mjs",
        name: "src/not-tracked-yet.mjs",
        changeType: "untracked",

    🐚 cli

    For now there's also a simple command line interface

    # list all JavaScript-ish files changed since main in a regular expression
    $ npx watskeburt main

    By default this returns a regex that contains all changed files that could be source files in the JavaScript ecosystem (.js, .mjs, .ts, .tsx ...) that can be used in e.g. the --focus and --reaches filters of dependency-cruiser.

    The JSON output (which looks a lot like the array above) is unfiltered and also contains other extensions.

    Usage: cli [options] [revision]
    lists files & their statuses since [revision].
    -> When you don't pass a revision the revision defaults to the current one.
      -V, --version             output the version number
      -T, --output-type <type>  json,regex (default: "regex")
      --tracked-only            only take tracked files into account (default: false)
      -h, --help                display help for command

    🇳🇱 what does 'watskeburt' mean?

    watskeburt is a fast pronunciation of the Dutch "wat is er gebeurd?" (what has happened?) or "wat er is gebeurd" (what has happened). It's also the title of a song by the Dutch band "De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig" (Youth these days...).



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