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A plugin for watchmen to send email notifications on service events via nodemailer.


This plugin comes with default templates written in Handlebars for new outages and service back events. Each event has a body and subject template.

You can override templates by copying the included template folder into a new location and specifying this in your environment variables (see below).

Body templates must go in templates/body and subject templates in templates/subject

Their filenames should correspond to the watchmen event they're for. For example, templates/body/new-outage.hbs. The plugin will compile all templates when loaded and send email for any body template it loads. This means if you want to send an email for the latency-warning event, simply create a template at templates/body/latency-warning.hbs and restart watchmen.

{{}} ({{service.url}}) is back online after the outage on {{date data.timestamp}}
Wise Owl

Templates are passed a service object and a data object. The data object contains the second argument of the event, usually data on the current or last outage. See what the events get passed here:

Environment variables

The following sample configures SMTP credentials and specifies a custom template directory—overriding the default included templates as explained above.