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Watches for changes to javascript files and runs them through uglify to minify them.

Getting Started

Install watch-uglify via NPM:

npm install watch-uglify

Then require it to use it:

var watchUglify = require("watch-uglify");
var srcDir = ".";
var destDir = "/tmp/watchBabel";
var options = { glob: "**/*.js" };
var watcher = watchUglify(srcDir, destDir, options);
watcher.on("ready", function() { console.log("ready"); });
watcher.on("success", function(filepath) {
  console.log("Minified ", filepath);
watcher.on("failure", function(filepath, e) {
  console.log("Failed to minify", filepath, "(Error: ", e);
watcher.on("delete", function(filepath) {
  console.log("Deleted file", filepath);

By default watchUglify is persistent, which means it will run even after the initial minification pass. You can close the watcher with watcher.close().


watchUglify(srcDir, destDir, [options])

  • srcDir is the source directory to watch.
  • destDir is the path to the destination directory. The directory will be created if it does not already exist.
  • options is an optional set of configuration entries, as described in the Options section below.


  • persistent (default: true). If true continue to watch the srcDir for changes after the initial minification. To close a persistent watcher use watcher.close().
  • delete (default: true). When true a delete of a file in srcDir after the ready event will cause the associated file in destDir to be removed.
  • rename (default: { suffix: ".min" }). Applies a transform to the file name in the destination directory. For example, if the input is script.js then the output will be script.min.js by default. See rename for rename options.
  • outSourceMap (default: undefined). If defined, generates a source map for the minified file by applying rename to the destination file name. For example, if the destination file name is script.min.js and outSourceMap = { extname: "" } then a source map will be generated with the name
  • uglify (default: {}). Any options to send to uglify for minification.


  • ready is fired after the initial minification pass.
  • success is fired when minification of a file succeeded.
  • failure is fired when minification of a file failed.
  • delete is fired when a file is deleted.
  • error is fired if setting up the watcher failed.


  • srcDir is the directory that is being watched.
  • destDir is the directory that minified files are writtent to.
  • ready indicates if the ready event has been fired.


Returns the version of the watchUglify library.