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Watch files and directories with glob patterns


npm install watch-glob


watchGlob(patterns, [options], addedCallback, [removedCallback] ])

  • patterns - a glob pattern or array of glob patterns to watch
  • options - the base folder in which to search for the patterns (equivalent to options.cwd) an options object to pass to glob(), plus the following:
    • callbackArg - how the file should be represented on the callback
      • absolute - absolute path
      • relative - path relative to `options.cwd´
      • vinyl - a vinyl-fs object (experimental)
      • object(default) - { base, path, relative }
    • delay - (default: 2000) sometimes Gaze does not seem to correctly watch folders which have not been created yet. Therefore, a 2000ms delay is used
  • updateCallback - function to be called when a file is changed, created, or "created" through a rename
  • removeCallback - function to be called after a file is is deleted or "deleted" through a rename


var watchGlob = require('watch-glob'),
    coffee = require('coffee-files');

watchGlob(['tmp/**/*', 'lib/**/*'], { callbackArg: 'relative' }, function(filePath) {
  // Perform livereload

watchGlob('coffee/**/*.coffee', { cwd: 'src' }, function(filepath) {
  coffee.file(filepath.path, 'build/' + filepath.relative);