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You can use this function to wrap an object; then if you try and access a property of the object that is not defined it will log an error to the console (or throw an error, if you prefer) helping you to catch programming bugs faster.

IMPORTANT - uses ES6 Proxy!

If you aren't on a platform that supports ES6 Proxies this will fall back to just returning the object. If you're running older versions of node, you may need to run them with --harmony-proxies for warn-undefined to make any difference.


  • throwError: set to true to throw errors instead of logging them
  • warn: use console.warn instead of console.error
  • disabled: set to true to bypass (e.g. on production)
  • fallback: changes the default return from undefined to whatever's provided here; ⚠️ only works if Proxy is supported!


var warnUndefined = require('warn-undefined');
var foo = {bar: 'baz', quux: 'fred'};
var protectedFoo = warnUndefined(foo, {
  disabled: (['development', 'test'].indexOf(process.env.NODE_ENV) < 0),
  throwError: true
});; //baz; //baz 
foo.nx; //undefined 
protectedFoo.nx; //Throws error!