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Want: Use Functions Or Objects From Plain Ol' JS Files

want is like require except it can import symbols from plain ol` Javascript files - ones that do not use the commonJS system to export symbols.

Example 1: want-ing a single symbol

You have a hello.js whose contents are

function hello(){
    return 'hello world'

You can want that function from a Node program like so

var want = require('want')
var hello = want('hello.js', 'hello')

Example 2: want-ing multiple symbols

You have a file greetings.js which defines multple symbols

function hello(){
    return 'hello'

function goodMorning(){
    return 'good morning'

function goodAfternoon(){
    return 'good afternoon'

You can want each of the symbols by providing them to want() like so

var greetings = want('greetings.js', ['hello', 'goodMorning', 'goodAfternoon'])

What want Can`t Do

want does not support nested dependencies. The "wanted" JS files must be self-sufficient - not have any dependencies.