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Walt is a simple node.js based build tool for static web apps, Google Chrome extensions etc. It parses a directory structure, runs checks and compilations/minifications on JavaScript, CSS and HTML files and finally creates a packaged version of the web app in an output directory while the source contents stays untouched.

Walt is configurable and extensible through plugins.

Walt in action


node.js (version 0.6.8 or greater) and npm need to be installed on your system and the executables placed in your PATH environment.

Walt is availabe as a npm module which makes installing it super simple. Just run the command

npm install walt -g

Execute Walt with the command


Under Windows you may need to run it as walt.cmd.


Using Walt is very simple. The application has only two required command line options and a third optional one:


SOURCE is the source directory of your static web application containing the HTML, JavaScript, CSS, image files etc.

DESTINATION is the target directory where the processed web application will be generated/copied. Files from SOURCE will not be modified.

IGNORE are optional arguments. Any further argument represents a relative path (file or directory) as seen from SOURCE which should be ignored for validation/compilation. However these files are still copied to DESTINATION. This is especially useful for third party libraries whose code you are not responsible for ;-) Also see the "ignore" option in the configuration file.

Configuration files

The behaviour of Walt can be additionally tweaked with configuration files. Walt is looking for files in the following directories and order:

  • INSTALLDIR/walt.json where INSTALLDIR is the installation directory of Walt
  • HOME/.walt.json where HOME is the home directory of the user
  • SRC/walt.json where SRC is the source directory specified at the command line

If multiple files are found they will be merged where latter files overwrite options of former ones.

See INSTALLDIR/walt.json for a sample configuration.


See the Wiki for some information on how to develop plugins for Walt.

Why the name?

At first this application was called BuildJS. However a module with that name already exists in the npm registry so I named the application after the protagonist of my favourite TV show Breaking Bad ;-)

You may also think of walt as an acronym for "website analyzing tool", "website awesome lint tool" or whatever :-)