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Bitcoin SPV wallet client

Bitcoin SPV[1] wallet client.

[1] Simplified Payment Verification, aka lightweight

Usage: node ./bin/wally [options] COMMAND [command parameters]

Options: -f, --file Load/store wallet to/from encrypted JSON file -P, --pass Passphrase [required]

All operation revolves around an internal database, which is modified via execution of a command operation: 1. wally reads wallet state file (JSON). Default "walletdb.aes". 2. wally executes command given on command line, updating wallet state. 3. wally writes wallet state file, overwriting previous version.

"wallet state" is anything involving the given wallet being built, examined or modified.

A new wallet is created using the "init" command.

node.js --

node modules ("npm install $module_name"):

clean Remove wallet state database, and any associated temporary files.

dump Inspect wallet state database.

help List this command summary.

init [network] Initialize new wallet state database. Optionally specify network for new wallet (mainnet/livenet or testnet) Generate a new private key (and associated bitcoin address).