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⚙️️ WalletConnect Extension for use with Tatum SDK

The WalletConnect Extension adds WalletConnect v2 support to Tatum SDK. Current version supports only EVM networks, supported by Tatum SDK.

Base for the project

🔗 TatumSDK - https://github.com/tatumio/tatum-js
🔗 TatumSDK extensions - https://github.com/tatumio/ecosystem-addons
🔗 WalletConnect - https://github.com/WalletConnect

🛠️ How to Use

Install the app's dependencies:

npm install @tatumio/tatum
npm install walletconnect-extension

Working with WalletConnect provider

WalletConnect requires provider initialization.
Each add/dApp using WalletConnect should have PROJECT_ID, which can be obtained here

Initialization object also could have metadata and other parameters.

const wcInitOpts = {
    projectId: PROJECT_ID,
    // optional parameters
    // relayUrl: '<YOUR RELAY URL>',
    metadata: {
        name: 'Test Tatum Dapp',
        description: 'Test Tatum Dapp',
        url: '#',
        icons: ['https://walletconnect.com/walletconnect-logo.png']

Initialization of Tatum SDK with WalletConnect extension:

import { TatumSDK, Network } from "@tatumio/tatum"
import { WalletConnectExtension } from "walletconnect-extension" 

const tatum = await TatumSDK.init<Ethereum>({
    network: Network.ETHEREUM,
    configureWalletProviders: [
        {type: WalletConnectExtension, config: wcInitOpts}]


Now provider can connect:

const wcAccount: string = await tatum.walletProvider.use(WalletConnectExtension).getWallet()

To be able to respond to WalletConnect events watch for events from emitter.
Only wcSessionDelete event implemented - appears when the user disconnects session from its wallet.

tatum.walletProvider.use(WalletConnectExtension).emitter.on('wcSessionDelete', (() => console.log('disconnected')))

Implemented functions

getWallet()  // connect & return connected address
disconnect() // close current connection
signAndBroadcast()  // set already prepared transaction (= customPayload)
signPersonal()   // sign text message
transferNative() // sign & transfer coin native for active chain
transferErc20()  // sign & transfer ERC20 token
approveErc20()   // approve spending of ERC20 token to provided contract address
createFungibleToken() // create custom ERC20 token

To pack this extension locally, execute the following steps:

yarn install
yarn build
yarn pack

Keep a record of the output path for the .tgz file. You'll refer to it when updating the package.json of your test application.



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