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Write random anime girl pictures on file system, using Nodejs, thanks to thiswaifudoesnotexist.net and thisanimedoesnotexist.ai

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Usecase ?

You need to generate random pngs for testing purposes, but js-image-generator is definitely too efficient and boring for the job?

Look no further! TheRealBarenziah(tm) brings you this StyleGAN2-empowered*,industrial grade, uwu-compliant, yet unlicensed module!


node >= 8 (we're using promises)


npm i --save-dev waifu-generator


  • options object is facultative
  • options.filename default to null
  • options.path default to null
  • options.skipFs default to false; pass true to skip the fs.createWriteStream() call
  • options.withoutPrefix default to false; pass true to remove 'data:image/png;base64,' prefix from returned string
  • options.mosaic default to null; enable to create a mosaic of waifus. Infos here
  • options.macrophilia default to null; enable to quickly create big files. Infos here

The Long Read

Case 1 : default (no option object)

In your generate.js file :

const generateWaifu = require("waifu-generator");

  .then(res => console.log(res))
  .catch(e => console.error(e));

Back in terminal (for the example):

node ./generate.js
# ...will write a random image file in cwd (current working directory).
# The filename will follow the pattern "$imageId_$uuid.png"


# Since we logged the return value with .then(res => console.log(res))
# a base64 string representation of our image is printed in stdout.
# It is facultative, but may come in handy. You can check the string by copypasting it 
# into your favorite browser, or whatever. Just know it's there, in the resolve value !

Case 2 : providing an option object

In your generate.js file :

const generateWaifu = require("waifu-generator");

const options = {
  filename: "sugoi_kawaii",
  path: "./__TESTS__/images"


Back in terminal:

node ./generate.js
# ...will write a random image file in "./__TESTS__/images",
#     with "sugoi_kawaii.png" as its filename.
# No output since we didn't explicitely '.then(res => console.log(res));'

Case 2.5: skip the fs call

Sometimes, you don't want your tests to do I/O operations (typically when you're after performance). In that case you can skip the filesystem call entierely, leaving you to work with pure base64 strings:

const generateWaifu = require("waifu-generator");

const yourCustomFunc = async () => {
  const base64waifu = await generateWaifu({ skipFs: true });

  const output = base64waifu.toString().toString().toString(); 
  // Example of arbitrary filth you're free to inflict to your base64 waifu here

  console.log(output); // printing our stuff
  return output;


NB: Activating skipFs will indeed make the path/filename options irrelevant !


Available from 2.0.0 onward. Incompatible with macrophilia. Opt-in by defining option.mosaic:

const waifuGenerator = require("./index")

  filename: "mosaic", // indeed compatible with other waifu-generator options
  mosaic: {
    number: 3, // mandatory; must be integer in 1-99 range
    options: { /* facultative merge-img option object
      one usecase is to generate near-infinite different (from a shasum perspective) files */
      direction: true,
      color: 0x000000


Available from 3.0.0 onward. Incompatible with mosaic. Opt-in by defining option.macrophilia:

const waifuGenerator = require("./index")

  filename: "33mb_girl", // indeed compatible with other waifu-generator options
    macrophilia: {
    height: 5742, // The height of the waifu (which is always a square)
    thiqq: false // Add some meat to the waifu (increases png quality & reduces compression)

What do you mean by "thiqq"?

Clean your mess

This module doesn't support file deletion. To do that, it's your responsibility, as a developer, to chose the correct approach between using the awesome fs API, using higher level libs, or going for OS level operation.

..Of course you're also free to skip the hassle by using the skipFs parameter !

Take advantage of this module being unlicensed: please fork away and write the best solution for your specific need :)


Please don't read this seriously. This JavaScript does little more than exploiting the awesome work that was done on thiswaifudoesnotexist and thisanimedoesnotexist, so please pay them a visit :)



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