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    Breaking change notice

    If you were using v1.x.x, there are a few changes when moving to v2.x.x:

    • Map polyfill may be required depending on your targeted browser support (check [support])
      • Previously used standard objects, Map change was to allow non-string objects
    • Subscribe handlers now receive a single parameter, an object with data and topic as properties
      • Previously received topic and then data as individual parameters, change was to allow avoidance of topic reference if not needed


    // ES2015
    import waddup from "waddup";
    // or you can import individual functions
    import { getSubscriptions, publish, subscribe, unsubscribe } from "waddup";
    // CommonJS
    const waddup = require("waddup").default;
    // script
    const waddup = window.waddup;


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    Publish a topic, usually upon some other event. This topic can be subscribed to by an unlimited number of functions, and can be any object type.

    • topic {*} required
      • Any object you want to use as a unique identifier
    • data {*} optional
      • Data that is passed to the second argument of the subscription
    import { publish } from "waddup";
    const div = document.getElementById("div");
    div.addEventListener("click", () => {
      // go classic and use a string
      // or use whatever you want
      publish(div, {

    subscribe(topic[, options][, fn]])

    returns {number} id of subscription, or {Array<number>} of ids based on topic(s) passed

    Subscribe to a topic, so that a specific function you pass in will be executed upon each publishing of that topic.

    • topic(s) {*|Array<*>} required
      • Topic(s) to which you are subscribing
    • options {object} optional, defaults to fn
      • Options passed to subscription action
      • Available options:
        • maxPublishCount {number} defaults to Infinity
    • fn {function} required
      • Function that will be executed upon each publishing of given topic
    import { subscribe } from "waddup";
    // do a standard subscription
    const div = document.getElementById("div");
    const persistentSubscription = subscribe(div, ({ data, topic }) => {
      console.log(topic, data);
    // or provide options
    const options = {
      maxPublishCount: 1
    const oneTimeSubscription = subscribe("div-clicked", options, ({ topic }) => {
      console.log(`This callback for ${topic} will only be fired once.`);
    // or do multiple subscriptions that use the same handler at once
    const subscriptions = subscribe([div, "div-clicked"], ({ topic }) => {
      console.log(`${topic} will fire for either one of the published events!`);


    Remove subscription(s) to a topic based on subscription id passed in.

    • id(s) {number|Array<number>} required
      • Single id, or array of ids, to remove subscriptions for
    import {
    } from 'waddup';
    // unsubscribe a single id
    const id = subscribe('foo', () => {});
    // or multiples
    const otherId = subscribe('bar', () => {});
    unsubscribe([id, otherId]);


    returns {Array<Object>|Object|Map} either the complete list of subscriptions, a subset Array of subscriptions, or a single subscription

    Convenience function to see subscriptions that are currently active. If no topics are passed you get the complete list, or if you pass a topic you get that subscription, or if you pass multiple topics you get an Array of matching subscriptions.

    import { getSubscriptions, subscribe } from "waddup";
    const array = ["bar", "baz"];
    subscribe("foo", () => {
    subscribe(array, () => {
    const subscriptions = getSubscriptions(); // Map {"foo" =>


    Support for the following browsers natively:

    • Edge (all)
    • Chrome
    • Chrome for Android
    • Firefox
    • Firefox Mobile
    • Opera (25+)
    • Safari (7.1+)
    • Safari Mobile (8+)
    • Internet Explorer (11+)

    Support for the following browsers when including polyfill for Map:

    • Opera (15-)
    • Safari (7-)
    • Safari Mobile (7.1-)
    • Internet Explorer (9-10)
    • Android Browser (all)
    • Opera Mobile (all)


    Standard practice, clone the repo and npm i to get the dependencies. The following npm scripts are available:

    • build => build unminified dist version with source map and NODE_ENV=development via webpack
    • build-minified => build minified dist version with NODE_ENV=production via webpack
    • dev => start webpack playground App for eyeball testing
    • lint => run ESLint on all files in src folder (also runs on dev script)
    • prepublish => run lint, test, transpile, build, and build-minified scripts
    • test => run AVA with NODE_ENV=test on all files in test folder
    • test:watch => run same script as test but keep persistent watcher
    • transpile => run Babel on all files in src folder (transpiled to lib folder)


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