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WAD Commander

WAD Utility Tool


npm install -g wadcmd

Exporting features

  • Only IWAD files are supported
  • Export WAD resources including:
    • ENDOOM
    • Flats
    • Graphics
    • Maps
    • Music
    • Patches
    • Sound effects
    • Sprites
    • Textures
    • raw lumps
  • Convert MUS to audio using OPL3 emulator (using opl3)
  • Supported export formats for audio:
  • Export ENDOOM and GENMIDI in JSON
  • Export maps in SVG format
  • Export graphics in PNG format
  • Supports glob file patterns
  • Supports regular expression filtering

Using from command line

WAD Commander v1.0.0                                             
Usage: wadcmd export <WAD> [options]                              
  --endoom, -e        Export and show ENDOOM screen                
  --flats, -f         Export flats                                 
  --graphics, -g      Export graphics                              
  --maps, -m          Export maps (SVG)                            
  --music, -c         Export music                                 
  --patches, -p       Export patches                               
  --soundeffects, -x  Export sound effects                         
  --sprites, -s       Export sprites                               
  --textures, -t      Export textures                              
Audio formats:                                                     
  --mp3  Export in MP3 format                                      
  --ogg  Export in OGG format                                      
  --wav  Export in WAV format                                      
SVG options:                                                       
  --svg-zoom          Set SVG zoom level (defaults to 0.25)        
  --svg-padding       Set SVG padding (defaults to 50)             
  --svg-stroke-width  Set SVG stroke width (defaults to 5)         
  --all, -a       Export all resources                             
  --lump, -l      Export lump                                      
  --genmidi, -n   Export GENMIDI                                   
  --lumpinfo, -i  Export lump informations                         
  --playpal, -y   Use specific palette (defaults to -y0)           
  --filter        Lump filter pattern                              
  --output, -o    Output directory                                 
  --help, -h      Please don't leave, there's more demons to toast!
  wadcmd export doom.wad -ao ./export                              
Copyright (c) 2016 IDDQD@doom.js                                   

Coming soon

  • Support PWADs
  • Convert to Doom lump (all resources supported in export)
  • Create IWAD and PWAD packages
  • Support other games (Catacomb 3D, ShadowCaster, Wolfenstein 3D, games based on idtech1 engine like Heretic and Hexen)
  • WAD Commander UI Tool