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    A TypeScript pattern for strongly-typed access to Vuex Store modules

    I really like vuex-typescript by @istrib

    I just wanted to take the ideas bit further.

    My main changes are:

    • Avoid passing $store/context to the accessor methods: we can encapsulate these within the accessors by providing the store later: i.e. basket.commitAppendItem(newItem) should be sufficient.
    • No need to distinguish between payload / payload-less versions of commit + dispatch. Typescript overloads solve this problem.
    • Promises returned from dispatch should be strongly-typed.
    • Assumes namespaced modules

    I also took the point of view that we don't need to start with a vuex-store options object. If we treat the accessor-creator as a builder, then the store can be generated:

    import { getStoreBuilder, BareActionContext } from "vuex-typex"
    import Vuex, { Store } from "vuex"
    import Vue from "vue"
    const delay = (duration: number) => new Promise((c, e) => setTimeout(c, duration))
    export interface RootState { basket: BasketState }
    export interface BasketState { items: Item[] }
    export interface Item { id: string, name: string }
    const storeBuilder = getStoreBuilder<RootState>()
    const moduleBuilder = storeBuilder.module<BasketState>("basket", { items: [] })
    namespace basket
        const appendItemMutation = (state: BasketState, payload: { item: Item }) => state.items.push(payload.item)
        const delayedAppendAction = async (context: BareActionContext<BasketState, RootState>) =>
            await delay(1000)
            basket.commitAppendItem({ item: { id: "abc123", name: "ABC Item" } })
        export const commitAppendItem = moduleBuilder.commit(appendItemMutation)
        export const dispatchDelayedAppend = moduleBuilder.dispatch(delayedAppendAction)
    export default basket
    /// in the main app file
    const storeBuilder = getStoreBuilder<RootState>()
    new Vue({
        el: '#app',
        template: "....",
        store: storeBuilder.vuexStore()


    npm i vuex-typex

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