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Vue3 Emoji Picker. Live preview

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npm install vue3-emoji-picker

// or
yarn add vue3-emoji-picker

Important note: If you're using TypeScript, don't forget to add declare module 'vue3-emoji-picker' in your .d.ts file


// import picker compopnent
import EmojiPicker from 'vue3-emoji-picker'

// import css
import 'vue3-emoji-picker/css'
// or import directly:
// import'node_modules/vue3-emoji-picker/dist/style.css'
// use picker component
<EmojiPicker :native="true" @select="onSelectEmoji" />
// event callback
function onSelectEmoji(emoji) {
    // result
        i: "😚", 
        n: ["kissing face"], 
        r: "1f61a", // with skin tone
        t: "neutral", // skin tone
        u: "1f61a" // without tone

Options (props)

Prop Type Default Value Description
native Boolean false Load native emoji instead of image.
hide-search Boolean true Show/hide search input.
hide-group-icons Boolean false Show/hide header group icons.
hide-group-names Boolean false Show/hide group names.
disable-sticky-group-names Boolean false Disable sticky for group names
disable-skin-tones Boolean false Disable skin tones.
disabled-groups Array [] Disable any group/category. See Available groups
group-names Object {} Change any group name. See Default group names
static-texts Object Object See static-texts table
pickerType string '' Choose picker type, possible options: input, textarea (Popup with input/textarea), ''
mode string 'insert' Choose insert mode, possible options: prepend, insert, append
offset Number '6' Choose emoji popup offset
additional-groups Object {} Add additional customized groups, keys are the group names translated from snake_case
group-order Array [] Override ordering of groups
group-icons Object {} Override group icons by passing svg's on keys
display-recent Boolean false Display Recently used emojis
theme String 'light' Available options, 'light', 'dark', and 'auto'

Static text option (props['static-texts'])

Prop Type Default Value Description
placeholder String Search emoji Update search input placeholder text.
skinTone String Skin tone Footer skin tone button text.

Example: :static-texts="{ placeholder: 'Search emoji'}"

Events / Callbacks


This event fires when an emoji gets selected/clicked.
Event callback will receive selected emoji in the first argument.

<EmojiPicker @select="onSelectEmoji" />

function onSelectEmoji(emoji) { /* do something */ }


This event fires when input text gets changed.
Event callback will receive the text in the first argument.

<EmojiPicker @update:text="onChangeText" />

function onChangeText(text) { /* do something */ }

Available groups


Default group names

  "smileys_people": "Smiles & People",
  "animals_nature": "Animals & Nature",
  "food_drink": "Food & Drink",
  "activities": "Activities",
  "travel_places": "Travel places",
  "objects": "Objects",
  "symbols": "Symbols",
  "flags": "Flags"

Overriding group names

<picker :group-names="{ smileys_people: 'My customized group name' }" />

Overriding group icons

  <picker :group-icons="{ smileys_people: customSVG }" />

<script setup>
import customSVG from './path/to/svg'

Override group order

This will make it so flags is first and then any other non-defined group will follow.

<picker :group-order="['flags']" />

Add additional groups

To see any existing emoji's see src/data/emojis.json

    my_custom_group: [
      { n: ['grinning face', 'grinning'], u: '1f600' },
      { n: ['grinning face with smiling eyes', 'grin'], u: '1f601' },
  :group-names="{ my_custom_group: 'Frequently used' }"

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