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Vue Theme

This is the VitePress theme for the official Vue documentation at

Please note this theme is solely dedicated for and isn't meant to be used as a content-neutral theme. It does not follow semver and may contain hard-coded logic specific to the Vue documentation.

Development Setup

This repo can be developed on its own since it is a self-contained VitePress theme. Make sure to use pnpm as the package manager when installing deps. A demo app is available in /demo and can be run with npm run dev:

$ pnpm install
$ npm run dev

Developing with Real Content

To work on this theme in the context of the website requires cloning both repos and linking the theme into the docs repo:

  1. Clone repositories:

    git clone
    git clone
  2. Link theme into docs repo:

    # In ./theme
    pnpm install
    # Make @vue/theme available for global linking
    pnpm link --global
    # in ./docs
    pnpm install
    # Link teme
    pnpm link --global @vue/theme
  3. Start VitePress server:

    # in ./docs
    pnpm run dev

Available Scripts

Here is the list of available scripts that can be used during the development.

# Boot local dev server.
$ npm run dev

# Build demo, then serve locally. This is for testing
# production build in the local environment.
$ npm run serve

# Run lint via Prettier.
$ npm run lint

# Run type check via tsc.
$ npm run type



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