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    This is a Vue2Leaflet plugin to provide the Leaflet.PolylineMeasure control on Leaflet maps in Vue applications.


    npm install --save vue2-leaflet-polyline-measure

    Local demo

    git clone
    cd vue2-leaflet-polyline-measure
    npm install
    npm run example

    You should then be able to visit http://localhost:4000 to see a leaflet map with the polyline measurement tool. Events fired by the tool will be logged beneath the map as you interact with it.


    Adding the component to a map

    With the LControlPolylineMeasure component loaded into Vue (see below), simply add the l-control-poyline-measure element inside an l-map, optionally providing it with an options object to specify any of the Leaflet.PolylineMeasure options to be set when the control is created, or the Leaflet Control position in which to display the control. For example,

      <l-control-polyline-measure :options="{ showUnitControl: true }" position="bottomright"/>
      <!-- other map components -->

    Polyline measurement events

    The polyline measurement control fires events from the map to which it has been added. In Vue, these can be listened for in the standard fashion, by adding event handlers the the LMap control within which the LControlPolylineMeasure is being used:

      <l-control-polyline-measure :options="{ showUnitControl: true }" position="bottomright"/>
      <!-- other map components -->

    Of course, the handleToggle, handleStart, etc., methods must be defined within the Vue component that is calling them.

    See the Events section of the Leaflet.PolylineMeasure documentation for more details about the arguments passed to each event handler.

    Loading the Vue component

    You can either install the control globally within your application at the point where you initially configure Vue, or import the control only within the components that require it.

    Option 1: Global install

    Where you load and configure your Vue environment,

    import Vue from 'vue';
    import LControlPolylineMeasure from 'vue2-leaflet-polyline-measure';
    // ...
    Vue.component('l-control-polyline-measure', LControlPolylineMeasure);
    // ...

    Option 2: Local import

    In the <script> of a Vue component,

    import LControlPolylineMeasure from 'vue2-leaflet-polyline-measure';
    // ...
    export default {
      // ...
      components: {
        // ...
      // ...


    The majority of the credit for this plugin goes to the author of and contributors to the underlying Leaflet.PolylineMeasure control, and of course the plugin wouldn't be possible without Vue, Leaflet, and Vue2Leaflet.

    Plugin author

    Michael Underwood


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


    npm i vue2-leaflet-polyline-measure

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