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    Polyfilling PWAs for iOS

    Check out the demo!

    Port of React-iOS-PWA-prompt for vue

    A Vue component that provides a customisable Progressive Web App (PWA) prompt telling the user to 'Add to Home Screen'. The prompt behaviour is baked in to Android devices, yet iOS is still lagging behind. This component aims to provide a simple way to provide this functionality on iOS for websites that are PWA-ready. The prompt styles closely match iOS designs for both light and dark UI modes to appear native to the user.


    • 🛠 Fully configurable, set how many times you want to see it, and after how many page visits.
    • 📃 PWA available offline? In full screen mode? Customise the content of your prompts message through props.
    • ⚡️ Efficient. Very little overhead for non-iOS devices and does as little work as needed for each page load.
    • 📱 Detects user's iOS version to provide the correct icon set.
    • 🌕 Will display a dark mode if enabled on iOS 13 and 14.


    1. Add vue2-ios-pwa-prompt as a dependency using yarn add vue2-ios-pwa-prompt.

    2. Import into your project:

    import PWAPrompt from 'vue2-ios-pwa-prompt'
    1. Render the component:
    <PWAPrompt />
    1. Add optional props to configure:
    • timesToShow: pass an integer to configure how many times to show the prompt. Defaults to 1.
    • promptOnVisit: pass an integer for the when to start showing the prompt. Defaults to 1 (the first page visit).
    • delay: pass an integer in ms to add a delay to the prompt. Defaults to 1000.
    • onClose: pass a function to call upon closing the prompt. Passes the event object as the function argument. Defaults to a noop.
    • copyTitle: pass a string to customise the title of the prompt. Defaults to Add to Home Screen.
    • copyBody: pass a string to customise the body of the prompt. Defaults to This website has app functionality. Add it to your home screen to use it in fullscreen and while offline..
    • copyShareButtonLabel: pass a string to customise label of share button. Defaults to 1) Press the 'Share' button.
    • copyAddHomeButtonLabel: pass a string to customise label of add to home instruction. Defaults to 2) Press 'Add to Home Screen'.
    • copyClosePrompt: pass a string to customise label of close button. Defaults to Cancel.
    • permanentlyHideOnDismiss: pass a boolean to configure whether to never show the prompt again once dismissed. Defaults to true (hide forever).
    • debug: pass a boolean to put the prompt into debug mode, showing it on any device at all times. Defaults to false (production-mode).
    <PWAPrompt :promptOnVisit="1" :timesToShow="3" :copyClosePrompt="Close" :permanentlyHideOnDismiss="false"/>


    npm i vue2-ios-pwa-prompt

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