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    vue-message-dialog component

    A Vue.js MessageDialog component is used for showing dialog with message.
    You can change number of buttons on that . You can also hide header and cross icon.

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    Browser Support

    Chrome Firefox Safari Edge IE
    83.0 ✔ 77.0 ✔ 13.1.1 ✔ 83.0 ✔ 11.9 ✔


    Getting started

    yarn add vue-weblineindia-message-dialog-box
    # or use npm 
    npm install vue-weblineindia-message-dialog-box


      <div id="app">
        <button @click="onShowModal">Show Modal</button>
          :content="'Enter here your content'"
          :header-content="'Enter here your header content'"
    import AlertBox from "vue-weblineindia-message-dialog-box";
    export default {
      components: {
      data() {
        return {
          alertButtons: [
            { id: 0, title: "Yes" },
            { id: 1, title: "No" },
            { id: 1, title: "Cancel" }
          isShowErrorInModal: false
      methods: {
        onShowModal() {
          this.isShowErrorInModal = true;
        onClickButton(value) {
          this.isShowErrorInModal = false;
          switch (value.title) {
            case "Yes":
              // do something on Yes button
            case "No":
              // do something on No button
            case "Cancel":
              // do something on Cancel button
        onCrossClick() {
          this.isShowErrorInModal = false;
        onHideMessageBox() {
          this.isShowErrorInModal = false;

    Available Props

    Prop Data Type Default Description
    id string id of the component
    name string name of the component
    visible Boolean false Show/Hide Modal.
    content String Content of the modal
    buttons Array [] Buttons objects to contain the button label, button click event, no buttons etc.
    showHeader boolean false To hide or show the header of the component.
    headerContent String header Content of the modal.
    closable Boolean false Adds a close icon to the header to hide the dialog.
    noOfButton Number 0 number of button on modal.
    index Number 0 index of the component
    value String value of the component


    Name Description Value
    onButtonClick Emitted when the button click Event
    close Emitted when click on the close modal Event
    hide Emitted when input is clicked Event

    Want to Contribute?

    • Created something awesome, made this code better, added some functionality, or whatever (this is the hardest part).
    • Fork it.
    • Create new branch to contribute your changes.
    • Commit all your changes to your branch.
    • Submit a pull request.

    Need Help?

    We also provide a free, basic support for all users who want to use this VueJS modal dialog in their software project. In case you want to customize this modal dialog to suit your development needs, then feel free to contact our VueJS developers.

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    Detailed changes for each release are documented in


    vue-weblineindia-message-dialog-box is inspired by bootstrap-vue.




    npm i vue-weblineindia-message-dialog-box

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