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    A small set of Vue 2.x input components adjusted for Uikit


    Currently it consists of 3 components:

    • VkInput
    • VkAutocomplete
    • VkAutocompleteHttp

    They are built as UMD modules, so you can use them in any way you want.

    Directly in an HTML page (they will be available as global variables by their names):

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    Or by installing...

    npm i vue-uikit-autocomplete --save

    ...and then importing them:

    import VkInput from 'vue-uikit-autocomplete/dist/VkInput'
    import VkAutocomplete from 'vue-uikit-autocomplete/dist/VkAutocomplete'
    import VkAutocompleteHttp from 'vue-uikit-autocomplete/dist/VkAutocompleteHttp'


    A simple input field

    Property Values Description
    type text, number etc. Just a regular type attribute for input element
    placeholder any text A regular placeholder
    icon see icons One of the supported icons
    color danger or sucess Makes the border red or green
    disabled true or false Disables or enables the input
    size large or small General size of the component
    wide large, medium, small or mini Width of the component
    flip-icon true or false Should the icon be animated?
    Event Description
    input A standard input event, just not native


    An input field with autocompletion. Based on VkInput, generates all of it events, and accepts all of it properties. You just have to provide an array of objects, and it will automatically search for matches and display only proper items. It uses text field for matching by default, but you can change it using field property. You can also provide a custom delegate to display the results in a way you want to (see Demo)

    Property Values Description
    items Array An array of objects such as [{ text: 'something'}]
    field String A name of the field in the items objects you want to view and match
    delegate Object A Vue component you want to use instead of the standard delegate
    Event Description
    select When user hits Enter; passes the selected object as an argument


    A variation of VkAutocomplete that fetches suggestions from the network. Generates all of it events and accepts all of the properties of the previous two (except for items). You have to provide a URL of your data source and a filter function that processes the fetched list of objects and returns a proper array.

    Property Values Description
    url http://... A URL of your data source
    http-headers Array Array of key-value pairs with the headers you want to pass during the request
    debounce Number An interval between the network calls (ms)
    filter Function Accepts a raw array and returns a proper array
    Event Description
    error Returns an error if something wrong happened during fetching


    npm i vue-uikit-autocomplete

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