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SwitchController and SwitchState are two JavaScript classes that provide a convenient and versatile way to manage switches and their states. The classes allow you to control a group of switches, customize their behavior, and handle user interactions efficiently.

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The SwitchController class is a powerful tool to manage a collection of switches within your application. It allows you to handle switch states and perform various operations, such as turning on, turning off, or toggling switches. With the SwitchController, you have full control over the functionality and content of the switches.


The SwitchController class is highly useful in various scenarios where you need to manage and interact with a group of switches. Some common use cases include:

  • User Settings: Use the SwitchController to manage user settings in your application, allowing users to enable or disable specific features or preferences.

  • UI Elements: Utilize switches as UI elements to control various aspects of your application's interface, such as light/dark mode or different display modes.

  • Dynamic Behavior: Implement dynamic behavior in your application, where the state of switches influences other components or functionalities.

Key Features

  • Switch Management: Easily manage multiple switches using a single SwitchController instance. The class provides methods to add new switches, turn them on, turn them off, or toggle their states.

  • Customization: Customize each switch by providing individual properties during initialization. This flexibility enables you to tailor the behavior of switches to fit your application's specific requirements.

  • Full Control: The SwitchController class gives you complete control over the switches. You can manipulate switches individually or collectively, depending on your use case.


constructor(switches: Object, options: Object)
Parameter Type Description
switches Object A collection of switches to be managed. Each key represents the switch name, and the value can be either an instance of SwitchState or a plain object representing the switch state.
options Object An optional object that can contain the following properties:
onAll: A boolean value to determine whether all switches should be turned on initially.
offAll: A boolean value to determine whether all switches should be turned off initially.
multiple: A boolean value to allow turning on all switches at once.


Method Description
addSwitch(name: string, switchState: Object): void Adds a new switch to the SwitchController.
onAll(): void Turns on all switches managed by the SwitchController.
offAll(): void Turns off all switches managed by the SwitchController.
on(name: string): void Turns on the specified switch by its name.
off(name: string): void Turns off the specified switch by its name.
toggle(name: string): void Toggles the specified switch by its name.


// Creating a new SwitchController instance with initial switches
const switches = {
  switch1: new SwitchState({ name: 'switch1', value: false }),
  switch2: { name: 'switch2', value: true, isAlwaysOn: true }
const options = {
  onAll: true // Turn on all switches initially
const switchController = new SwitchController(switches, options);

// Turning off a specific switch'switch1');

// Toggling the state of a specific switch

// Adding a new switch
switchController.addSwitch('switch3', new SwitchState({ name: 'switch3', value: true }));


The SwitchState class represents an individual switch state. It allows you to manage the state and behavior of individual switches.


constructor({ name: string, value: boolean, isAlwaysOn?: boolean })
Parameter Type Description
name String The name of the switch.
value Boolean The initial value of the switch (true for on, false for off).
isAlwaysOn Boolean An optional parameter that determines if the switch should always be on and cannot be turned off. Default is false.


Method Description
on(): void Turns on the switch.
off(): void Turns off the switch.
toggle(): void Toggles the value of the switch between on and off.
isAlwaysOn(): boolean Returns a boolean value indicating if the switch is always on.


// Creating a new SwitchState instance
const switch1 = new SwitchState({ name: 'switch1', value: false, isAlwaysOn: true });

// Turning on the switch

// Toggling the state of the switch

// Checking if the switch is always on
const alwaysOn = switch1.isAlwaysOn(); // Returns true


This component is open source and available under the MIT License.


Vue Preloader is developed and maintained by Maleesha Gimshan. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out.


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