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Note: This repository has been renamed to core from vue-sequence. This is repository contains the core renderer and other core functionalities including export images.

⚠️ This module has been renamed to @zenuml/core!


ZenUML is JavaScript-based diagramming tool that uses Markdown-inspired text definitions and a renderer to create and modify sequence diagrams. The main purpose of ZenUML is to help documentation catch up with development.

ZenUML allows even non-programmers to easily create beautiful sequence diagrams through the ZenUML Live Editor.

You can use it ZenUML on your favorite platforms and applications:



  • [x] Rename this repository to 'core'
  • [ ] and rename the package to @zenuml/core
yarn install
yarn start


CI/CD is done with GitHub Actions. The workflow is defined in .github/workflows/*.yml.


This workflow has two jobs: build -> deploy.

test  -> npm publish 
      -> cy tests
      -> build site -> deploy gh-pages

This workflow is triggered on every push to the main branch. It will build the project and publish the dist folder to the gh-pages branch.

Put localhost on the internet

We sometimes need to put our localhost on the internet so that we can test it remotely.

Ngrok is a good tool for this. It is free for personal use. But if you want to use a custom domain, you have to pay. If you want to use custom domain, we suggest Cloudflare tunnels for this.

Ngrok [TODO]

Cloudflare tunnels [for collaborators only]

  1. Request a subdomain from the team. For example,
  2. You will be given a command that install a service locally. Run it.
  3. Your localhost:8080 will be available at
  4. Add your subdomain to vue.config.js so that it is allowed to access the dev server.
devServer: {
  allowedHosts: "all",
      historyApiFallback: true,
      hot: true,
      host: '',
      port: 8080,
      client: {
    webSocketURL: 'auto://',

Code Structure

This repository contains both the DSL parser and the renderer.

The parser is generated with Antlr4. You can find the definition at src/g4. Generated parser is at src/generated-parser. Parser enhancement with customised functionalities is in the src/parser folder.

Almost everything else under serc are for the renderer. The render is based on VueJs 2.x.




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