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    Vue.JS quick template with all for quick and handy start:

    • Mobile-first designed components/pages: Login, Simple CRUD, Navbar, Sidebar, ...
    • Progressive Web Application (PWA) ready (see all capable of PWA compared to Natives:,
    • Very detail comments about all things (Readable code)
    • Preconfigured intergration with CircleCI, Codecov, Travis-CI (with pre-running-configures). Right now this repo is using Travis but Circle CI is also preconfigured.
    • Preconfigured scripts to deploy on and Modified register service to fix error: The path of the provided scope ('/') is not under the max scope allowed ('/vue-quick-template/'). Adjust the scope, move the Service Worker script, or use the Service-Worker-Allowed HTTP header to allow the scope. for domains like: to make sure register service worker successfully.
    • Full of pluggins available by default With additional pluggins beside common ones (babel, webpack)
      • vue@cli version 3.4
      • vuex,
      • vue-router,
      • @babel/preset-env (version 7) fixed some troubles from default preset 6 or preset 2015
      • bootstrap-vue for Bootstrap 4,
      • preconfigued fontawesome for FontAwesome 5,
      • octicons v5.0.1 replacement fro FontAwesome 5 for a lightweight product. Added and configured, just use it.
      • sass-loader,
      • chartjs,
      • Unit test with jest with test coverage, E2E test with nightwatch,


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    Use Guide


    • Add new demanded component into src/plugins/bootstrap-vue.js
    • Using components as described in this document: Bootstrap-vue documents


    • Add/remove and reconfigure Octicons in src/plugins/octicons.js


    • Local Demo:
    git clone
    npm install -g serve
    cd vue-quick-template
    # -s flag means serve it in Single-Page Application mode 
    # which deals with the routing problem below 
    serve -s dist

    Git related

    To pull from github to local

    git pull origin master --allow-unrelated-histories

    Project setup

    yarn install

    Compiles and hot-reloads for development

    yarn run serve

    Compiles and minifies for production

    yarn run build

    Run your tests

    yarn run test

    Lints and fixes files

    yarn run lint

    Run your end-to-end tests

    yarn run test:e2e

    Run your unit tests

    yarn run test:unit

    Customize configuration

    See Configuration Reference.



    npm i vue-quick-template


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