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    Vue Pagination 2

    Using Vue 3? Check out the new component

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    Simple, generic and non-intrusive pagination component for Vue.js version 2.


    • Vue.js (>=2.0.0 && <3.0.0). Required.
    • CSS: Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4 or Bulma.



    npm install vue-pagination-2

    import the script:

    import Pagination from 'vue-pagination-2';

    Script tag

    Grab the minified version under dist/vue-pagination-2.min.js. It will export a global Pagination variable.


    Register the component globally or locally:

    Vue.component('pagination', Pagination);


    components: {


        data() {
           return {
               page: 1
    <pagination v-model="page" :records="500" @paginate="myCallback"/>


    • records number required number of records

    • per-page number optional records per page. Default: 25

    • v-model number required Reference to the current page. Can be updated via the UI or programmatically

    • options object optional:

      • chunk number max pages per chunk. Default: 10
      • chunksNavigation string Which method to use when navigating outside chunks boundries. Default: fixed. Options are:
        • scroll - the range of pages presented will incrementally change when navigating to a page outside the chunk (e.g 1-10 will become 2-11 once the user presses the next arrow to move to page 11).
        • fixed - navigation will occur between fixed chunks (e.g 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc.). Double arrows will be added to allow navigation to the beginning of the previous or next chunk.
      • theme string CSS theme used for styling. Supported: bootstrap3, bootstrap4,bulma. Default: bootstrap3.
      • format boolean Format numbers using a separating comma. Default: true
      • edgeNavigation Show links to first and last pages. Default: false
      • template Pass your own custom template
      • texts object optional
        • count total records text. It can consist of up to 3 parts, divided by |.

          • First part: used when there are multiple pages
          • Second part: used when there is only one page
          • Third part: used when there is only one record.

          Default: Showing {from} to {to} of {count} records|{count} records|One record

        • first First page text. Default: First

        • last last page text. Default: Last

      Note: if you want to display the page number rather than the records range, use {page} and {pages} as a placeholders. E.g: Showing page {page} out of {pages}

    Custom Event

    The model you bound to the component will be automatically updated. In addition, when a page is selected a custom paginate event will be dispatched. Listen to it on the component and run your callback

    Programmatic Manipulation

    The simplest way to programmatically manipulate the page is to directly update your bound model.

    In addition to that you can call the following methods using a ref on you component:

    • setPage(page)
    • next()
    • prev()
    • nextChunk()
    • prevChunk()

    All methods return true if the page is legal and was thus set, or false otherwise.

    Computed Properties

    • totalPages
    • totalChunks
    • currentChunk

    Custom Template

    You can easily build your own template by copying src/Pagination.vue to your project as a starting point and modifying the contents to your needs. Then notify the component of your custom template by passing it to the template option.

    import MyPagination from './MyPagination'
        options: {
            template: MyPagination    


    npm i vue-pagination-2

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