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    📜 vue-native-scroller

    Vue.js wrapper component over browser scroll API.

    🌈 The main purpose of the library is just to give you a simple wrapper over browser native scroll API.

    The library internally uses scroll method.

    ✨ Features

    • lightweight (~ 2.5kb gzip);
    • zero dependency;
    • simple API;


    Edit vue-native-scroller

    💿 Installation

    📦 Via NPM

    npm install vue-native-scroller --save

    🧶 Via Yarn

    yarn add vue-native-scroller


    As a plugin

    It must be called before new Vue().

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import VueNativeScroller from 'vue-native-scroller'

    As a global component

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import { VueNativeScroller } from 'vue-native-scroller'
    Vue.component('VueNativeScroller', VueNativeScroller)

    As a local component

    import { VueNativeScroller } from 'vue-native-scroller'
    export default {
      name: 'YourAwesomeComponent',
      components: {

    🚀 Usage


    Just wrap your items into the <vue-native-scroller> component:


    🎨 Styles

    Then don't forget to include core styles:


    @import 'vue-native-scroller/src/styles/core.scss';

    Or already compiled CSS:


    @import 'vue-native-scroller/dist/styles/core.css';

    Library is shipped with default theme, so if you want to import it, then do the following:

    @import 'vue-native-scroller/src/styles/themes/default.scss';


    ⚙️ Props

    <vue-native-scroller> accepts some props through which you can customize different aspects of scroll logic.

    Prop Default Description
    behavior 'smooth' Specifies scroll behavior. Possible values are: ['smooth', 'instant', 'auto']
    align 'center' Specifies alignment of the item relatively to the parent. Possible values are: ['left', 'center', 'right']
    scrollbar false Specifies whether or not the scrollbar is visible
    tag 'div' Specifies the tag of the container

    Example of props passing


    🎛 Methods

    <vue-native-scroller> provides you with several methods you can use to scroll left, right or to certain item.

    ℹ️ options object in the bellow methods, is the object through which you can specify custom behavior and alignment of the scroll action. It can contain 2 properties with keys align and behavior. align value should be one of the following values ['left', 'center', 'right'], and behavior: ['smooth', 'instant', 'auto']. If one of the keys is not specified, value passed by props is used (if value is not passed, default value is used).

    Method Description
    scrollToIndex(index: number, options?: object) Scrolls to the item with specified index
    scrollLeft(options?: object) Scrolls left
    scrollRight(options?: object) Scrolls right

    Example of methods usage

      <vue-native-scroller ref="scroller"></vue-native-scroller>
    // ...
    export default {
      // ...
      name: 'YourAwesomeComponent',
      methods: {
        method() {
          const { scroller } = this.$refs
          scroller.scrollLeft({ align: 'center' })
          scroller.scrollRight({ align: 'right', behavior: 'instant' })
      // ...
    // ...

    🕳️ Slots

    <vue-native-scroller> provides you with some scopedSlots you can use to fit your needs.

    Slot Scope Description
    prepend { scrollLeft } Slot that is prepended to the list of items
    append { scrollRight } Slot that is appended to the list of items

    Example of possible usage of scopedSlots

        <template v-slot:prepend="{ scrollLeft }">
          <button type="button" @click="scrollLeft">Scroll left</button>
        <template v-slot:append="{ scrollRight }">
          <button type="button" @click="scrollRight">Scroll right</button>

    💉 Tests


    Jest and VueTestUtils is used for unit tests.

    You can run unit tests by running next command:

    npm run test:unit

    Powered by

    • Rollup (and plugins);
    • SASS and node-sass;
    • PostCSS;
    • Autoprefixer;
    • VueTestUtils;
    • Jest.

    🔒 License



    npm i vue-native-scroller

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