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Vue Date Picker

A vue date picker component inspired by material design



$ npm install vue-md-date-picker --save

import DatePicker from 'vue-md-date-picker'


The most common use case

<date-picker @close="show = false"

Note that there is a v-if directive and a @close event. This is because the date picker allows you to choose when it is displayed, and how to handle closing it.

Setting a min date to choose from

<date-picker min="2017-8-16"
             @close="show = false"

Setting a max date to choose from

<date-picker max="2017-8-24"
             @close="show = false"

Setting a range of dates to choose from

<date-picker min="2017-8-16"
             @close="show = false"

You may also specifiy a color to change the theme of the date picker

<date-picker color="#F44336"
             @close="show = false"

There is also a provided transition if you want to fade the date picker in

<transition name="calendar-fade">
  <date-picker @close="show = false"


To format the date picker's value, you may use the :format prop. The format prop takes a reference to a function; this function receives the date picker's date value (e.g. 2016-4-19) and may format it however you wish

<date-picker :format="formatDate"
             @close="show = false"

In your component's methods...

formatDate (date) {
  return moment(date).format('LL')

In the above example, if a user selected "2017-8-29" as the date, the date value would be "August 29, 2017".



Name Type Description
color String Changes the theme color of the date picker.
format Function Formats the date picker's emitted date via a user specified function.
min String Limits the date to a minimum specified value.
max String Limits the date to a maximum specified value.


Name Description
close Closes the date picker. This is fired when the Cancel button is pressed, when the escape key is pressed, or when the input event is emitted.
input Sets the selected date. This is fired when the Ok button is pressed, or when the user presses the enter or space key after selecting a date. If a format function is passed to the date picker, the emitted value will be run through that before this event is emitted.

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