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    Vue Material Design Icon Size Components

    This library is just simple fork: which was added the possibility of manipulating the size of the icons.

    Getting started

    1. Install the package

      npm install --save vue-material-design-icons-size
    2. Optional, but recommended Add the included stylesheet to your root JS file, usually index.js or main.js:

      import "vue-material-design-icons-size/styles.css"
    3. Import the icon, and declare it as a local component:

      import MenuIcon from "vue-material-design-icons-size/Menu.vue"
      components: {


      Declare it as a global component:

      import MenuIcon from "vue-material-design-icons-size/Menu.vue"
      Vue.component("menu-icon", MenuIcon)

      Note Icon files are pascal cased, e.g. CheckboxMarkedCircle.vue, and their default name has Icon appended e.g. CheckboxMarkedCircleIcon.

    4. Then use it in your template code!

      <menu-icon />


    • width - This property lets you set the height of the icon.


      <android-icon width="'30'"
    • height - This property lets you set the height of the icon.


      <android-icon width="'30'"
    • title - This changes the hover tooltip as well as the title shown to screen readers. By default, those values are a "human readable" conversion of the icon names; for example chevron-down-icon becomes "Chevron down icon".


      <android-icon title="this is an icon!" />
    • decorative - This denotes whether an icon is purely decorative, or has some meaninfgul value. If an icon is decorative, it will be hidden from screen readers. By default, this is false.


      <android-icon decorative />
    • fillColor - This property allows you to set the fill colour of an icon via JS instead of requiring CSS changes. Note that any CSS values, such as fill: currentColor; provided by the optional CSS file, may override colours set with this prop.


      <android-icon fillColor="#FF0000"


    A list of the icons can be found at the Material Design Icons website. The icons packaged here are pascal cased versions of the names displayed on the website, to match the Vue Style Guide. For example, the icon named ultra-high-definition would be imported as "vue-material-design-icons-size/UltraHighDefinition.vue".


    • Use resolve in your Webpack config to clean up the imports:

      resolve: {
        alias : {
          "icons": path.resolve(__dirname, "node_modules/vue-material-design-icons-size")
        extensions: [

      This will give you much shorter and more readable imports, like import Android from "icons/Android", rather than import Android from "vue-material-design-icons-size/Android.vue". Much better!

    • Add click handlers to the icons with @click.native. For example:

        <fullscreen-icon @click.native="myMethod" />

      You can learn more about this by reading the Vue docs on Binding Native Events to Components


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