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A command line tool for quickly generating and scaffolding Vue files.


npm install -g vue-mason


vue-mason --help

Creating Components

Vue Mason currently has support for quickly generating:

  • Basic Single File Vue Components (SFVC)
  • JSX Components
  • Render Function Components
  • Vue Class Components

By default, Vue Mason will create a Basic SFVC.

vue-mason create:component MyComponent

Where MyComponent is the name of the component you want to create.

To specify a different template type you must pass the --type flag followed by the type you want to create.

vue-mason create:component MyComponent --type jsx
Type Value
SFCV (default)
JSX jsx
Render render
Class class

Generating a component this way will look for a ./src/components/ path. If it does not exist it will create one for you to save the file. However, this may not work for you so you can also pass in the path of where to save the component.

vue-mason create:component MyComponent --path /some/path

Creating Route Files

You can create route files through Vue Mason as well. Currently, the following template is used to scaffold your routes:

import {} from ''
export default [
    path: '',
    name: '',
    component: ''

To create a route:

vue-mason create:route /dashboard

You can specify other options here too like the component to map the route to and the name of the route.

vue-mason create:route /dashboard --component DashboardComponent --name dashboard

We can specify more than one route as well:

vue-mason create:route /dashboard /favorites /settings

By default, Vue Mason will save it to a file called routes.js. You can update this to suit your needs with the --filename flag.

vue-mason create:route /dashboard --filename dashboardroutes.js

You can change the default save path, ./src/, using the --path flag.

vue-mason create:route /dashboard --path /my/dashboard/stuff

Creating Vuex Store files

Finally, Vue Mason allows for quickly creating Vuex store related files.

There are two template types to choose from:

  • Flat (default)
  • Spread

The flat option will create stubs for your initial state, getters, actions and mutations. The spread option will create a separate file initial state, getters, actions, muatations, and mutation types.

vue-mason create:store StoreName
vue-mason create:store StoreName --type spread

We can also specify if the store module is namespaced or not via the --namespaced flag. By default, a store module is not namespaced.

vue-mason create:store StoreName --namespaced

As with the other file creation options we can change the default save path of ./src/.

vue-mason create:store StoreName --path /store/modules/

Status: Beta

The base of the features are there but there are probably some bugs. We still need testing setup and other ideas ironed out. If you come across a bug please submit an issue. We are accepting PRs!



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