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A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custom check-in/check-out rules, localisation support and more.

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npm install vue-hotel-datepicker


pnpm install vue-hotel-datepicker


yarn add vue-hotel-datepicker
import HotelDatePicker from 'vue-hotel-datepicker'
import 'vue-hotel-datepicker/dist/vueHotelDatepicker.css';

export default {
  components: {
<HotelDatePicker />


Name Type Default Description
alwaysVisible Boolean false If true shows display calendar in the page without an input.
bookings Array [] If you want to show bookings.
closeDatepickerOnClickOutside Boolean true Closes the date picker when the user clicks outside the date picker.
disableCheckoutOnCheckin Boolean false If set to true, disable checkout on the same date has checkin.
disabledDates Array [] An array of strings in this format: YYYY-MM-DD. All the dates passed to the list will be disabled.
disabledDaysOfWeek Array [] DEPRECATED: An array of strings in this format: ['Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday', 'Sunday']. All the days passed to the list will be disabled. It depends on the translated names.
disabledWeekDays Object {} An object with the following properties: sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, the value indicates if that day is disabled (true) or enabled (false).
displayClearButton Boolean true If set to true, displays a clear button on the right side of the input if there are dates set.
enableCheckout Boolean false If true, allows the checkout on a disabled date.
endDate [Date, String, Number] Infinity The end view date. All the dates after this date will be disabled.
endingDateValue Date null The initial value of the end date.
firstDayOfWeek Number 0 The first day of the week. Where Sun = 0, Mon = 1, ... Sat = 6. You need to set the right order in too.
format String 'YYYY-MM-DD' The date format string.
gridStyle Boolean true If false hides the grid around the days.
halfDay Boolean true Allows to have half a day, if you have check in at noon and checkout before noon
hoveringTooltip [Boolean, Function] true Shows a tooltip with the number of nights when hovering a date.
i18n Object see below Holds the traslation of the date picker.
lastDateAvailable [Number, Date] Infinity Allows to stop calendar pagination after the month of that date
maxNights Number null Maximum nights required to select a range of dates. 0 or null for no limit.
minNights Number 1 Minimum nights required to select a range of dates.
periodDates Array [] If you want to have specific startAt and endAt period with different duration or price or type of period. See below for more information
positionRight Boolean false If true shows the calendar on the right of the input.
priceDecimals Number 0 The price decimals for weekly periods (see periodDates).
priceSymbol String '' The price symbol added before the price when showPrice is true and a price has been set in one of the periodDates array items (period).
showPrice Boolean false If set to true, displays a price contains on your periodDates.
showSingleMonth Boolean false If set to true, display one month only
showYear Boolean true Shows the year next to the month.
singleDaySelection Boolean false When true only one day can be selected instead of a range.
startDate [Date, String] new Date() The start view date. All the dates before this date will be disabled.
startingDateValue Date null The initial value of the start date.
tooltipMessage String null If provided, it will override the default tooltip "X nights" with the text provided. You can use HTML in the string.
value Boolean false The v-model prop, controls the visibility of the date picker.
yearBeforeMonth Boolean false Show the year before the month, only when showYear is true.

i18n Defaults:

i18n: {
  "night": "Night",
  "nights": "Nights",
  "week": "week",
  "weeks": "weeks",
  "day-names": ["Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thur", "Fri", "Sat"],
  "check-in": "Check-in",
  "check-out": "Check-out",
  "month-names": [
  "tooltip": {
      "halfDayCheckIn": "Available CheckIn",
      "halfDayCheckOut": "Available CheckOut",
      "saturdayToSaturday": "Only Saturday to Saturday",
      "sundayToSunday": "Only Sunday to Sunday",
      "minimumRequiredPeriod": "%{minNightInPeriod} %{night} minimum.",


  • Type: Array
  • Default: [] If you want to have specific startAt and endAt period with different duration or price or type of period-
Key Type Description
endAt String YYYY-MM-DD
startAt String YYYY-MM-DD
minimumDuration Number Minimum stay (Type: weekly => per_week | Type: nightly => per night)
periodType String nightly, weekly_by_saturday, weekly_by_sunday
price Float Price displayed on each day for this period


periodDates: [
    startAt: "2020-06-09",
    endAt: "2020-07-26",
    minimumDuration: 4,
    periodType: "nightly"
    startAt: "2020-07-26",
    endAt: "2020-09-30",
    minimumDuration: 1,
    periodType: "weekly_by_saturday"
    startAt: "2020-09-30",
    endAt: "2020-11-30",
    minimumDuration: 2,
    periodType: "weekly_by_sunday",
    price: 4000.0

MinimumDuration with a periodType weekly-~ equals to a week


If you want to show bookings

  • Type: Array
  • Default: []
Key Type Description
checkInDate String 'YYYY-MM-DD'
checkOutDate String 'YYYY-MM-DD'
style Object Style, (see the example)


bookings: [
    event: true,
    checkInDate: "2020-08-26",
    checkOutDate: "2020-08-29",
    style: {
      backgroundColor: "#399694"
    event: false,
    checkInDate: "2020-07-01",
    checkOutDate: "2020-07-08",
    style: {
      backgroundColor: "#9DC1C9"


⚠️ In order to open/close the datepicker from an external element, such as a button make sure to set closeDatepickerOnClickOutside to false

Name Description
hideDatepicker Hides the datepicker
showDatepicker Shows the datepicker
toggleDatepicker Toggles (shows or hides) the datepicker


Name Params enum Description
booking-clicked MouseEvent, Date, Object Emitted every time a booking is clicked. The first param is the mouse javascript event, the second is the clicked Date and the third is the clicked booking.
check-in-changed Emitted every time a new check in date is selected with the new date as payload.
check-out-changed Emitted every time a new check out date is selected with the new date as payload.
clear-selection Emitted every time you clicked on clear Date button.
day-clicked Date, String, Date|Number|String Emitted every time when day is clicked. The params are clicked: date, format and next disabled date.
handle-checkin-checkout-half-day Object Emitted on [beforeMount, clear-selection, checkout]. Param: Object of checkin-checkout date.
next-month-rendered Emitted every time the next month is rendered.
period-selected Event, Date, Date Emitted every time when a checkOut is clicked. Params: Mouse Event, checkIn, checkOut

booking-clicked examples

  checkInDate: "YYYY-MM-DD",
  checkOutDate: "YYYY-MM-DD",
  style: {
    backgroundColor: "#399694",


This component was originally built as a Vue wrapper component for the Hotel Datepicker by @benitolopez. Version 2.0.0 was completely rewritten with Vue, removing the original library, removing some features and introducing others.


npm i vue-hotel-datepicker1

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