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🍪 👮 Vue Cookie Law

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EU Cookie Law Plugin for Vue.js

📺 Demo

🔧 Install

yarn add vue-cookie-law

👈 Usage

    <cookie-law theme="dark-lime"></cookie-law>
  import CookieLaw from 'vue-cookie-law'
  export default {
    components: { CookieLaw }


You can also pass in the message into a named slot. This way you can for example add <router-link> and other dynamic content.

  <div slot="message">
    Here is my message for more info <router-link to="legal-notes">Click here</router-link>

Scoped Slot

For a more complex layout use the scoped slot

  <div slot-scope="props">
    <button class="skew" @click="props.accept"><span>I accept</span></button>
      This site uses 🍪
    <button class="skew" @click="props.close"><span>Ignore me</span></button>
methods description
accept Closes the cookie disclaimer and saves to localStorage
close Only closes the cookie disclaimer. The disclaimer will reappear on the next page load.
open Show disclaimer if user ignored him
revoke Revoke previous user decision
isAccepted To check anytime if cookies has been accepted


prop default type description
buttonText 'Got It!' String 🔘 Well, its the button text
buttonLink String|Object Link to more infos. Simple href or a vue-router Location object
buttonLinkText 'More info' String Label of link button
buttonLinkNewTab false Boolean If true, it opens the link in a new tab/window (href)
buttonClass 'Cookie__button' String Custom class name for buttons
message 'This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.' String Your message in the content area
theme 'base' String Selected theme. You can also create a custom one
position 'bottom' String Possible positions are bottom or top
transitionName 'slideFromBottom' String Enter and leave transitions. Currently supported slideFromBottom, slideFromTop, fade
storageName 'localStorage' String Name for the localStorage / cookie name. Defaults to cookie:accepted
storageType 'localStorage' String Type of storage, where to store 'cookies:accept': true. Can be localStorage (default) or cookies. If LocalStorage is unsupported, then used Cookies.
cookieOptions {} Object (Optional) The cookieOptions parameter is an object. And its property can be a valid cookie option, such as path, domain, expires / max-age, samesite or secure. See tiny-cookie docs for details.
buttonDecline false Boolean Display decline button
buttonDeclineText 'Decline' String 🔘Decline button text
buttonDeclineClass 'Cookie__button--decline' String Custom class name for decline button


The default button will emit an accept event you can listen on if the user clicks the button.

<cookie-law v-on:accept="ThankYouMethod()"/>

💅 Themes

Cookie Law Themes

Custom Themes

You can easy create your own themes. The classes that need to be styled are:

  • .Cookie for the container
  • .Cookie__content for the content with message
  • .Cookie__button for the button

If you create your own theme, postfix the class.

.Cookie--mytheme {....}
.Cookie--mytheme .Cookie__button {....}
.Cookie--mytheme div.Cookie__button:hover {....}

And then pass your theme name to the component.

📜 Changelog

Details changes for each release are documented in the

❗️ Issues

Please make sure to read the Issue Reporting Checklist before opening an issue. Issues not conforming to the guidelines may be closed immediately.

💪 Contribution

Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide and Code of Conduct before making a pull request.

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