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    Vue Combo Blocks 🧱

    Provides all the building blocks needed for accessible autocomplete, combobox, or typeahead component.

    A very Downshift like autocomplete solution for Vue

    Downshift for Vue.js

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    The problem

    You want to build an autocomplete/combobox component, and it needs to be accessible, lightweight and you don't really want extra dependencies or styling you would not use, or you'd have to hack around to to make it your own.

    The solution

    This library provides you the state and the controls for your combobox. You provide the elements and styles to build the thing you need.


    For vue 2.x use npm i vue-combo-blocks For vue 3.x use npm i vue-combo-blocks@next


    Try it out in codesandbox

        <div v-bind="getComboboxProps()">
          <button @click="reset">reset</button>
          <input v-bind="getInputProps()" v-on="getInputEventListeners()" placeholder="Search" />
          <ul v-show="isOpen" v-bind="getMenuProps()" v-on="getMenuEventListeners()">
              v-for="(item, index) in filteredList"
                backgroundColor: hoveredIndex === index ? 'lightgray' : 'white',
                fontWeight: selected === item ? 'bold' : 'normal',
              v-bind="getItemProps({ item, index })"
              v-on="getItemEventListeners({ item, index })"
              {{ item.value }}
    import VueComboBlocks from 'vue-combo-blocks';
    // This list could come from an external api
    const list = [
      { value: 'Gretsch', id: '1' },
      { value: 'Ludwig', id: '2' },
      { value: 'Mapex', id: '3' },
      { value: 'Pearl', id: '4' },
      { value: 'Sonor', id: '5' },
      { value: 'Tama', id: '6' },
      { value: 'Zildjian', id: '7' },
    export default {
      components: {
      data() {
        return {
          selected: null,
          filteredList: list,
      methods: {
        itemToString(item) {
          return item ? item.value : '';
        // This could be a call to an api that returns the options
        updateList(text) {
          this.filteredList = list.filter((item) =>


    Name Type Default description
    items Array required
    itemToString Function (item) => (item ? String(item) : '')
    value (modelValue in Vue3) Any null Sets the selected item. Prop part of v-model
    stateReducer Function(state: object, actionAndChanges: object) optional Very handy feature that gives you a complete control of the vue-combo-blocks state. Read more about it in the State Reducer section
    scrollIntoView Boolean true Controls whether or not the hovered item is scrolled into view when navigating with up and down keys. Note: the menu (ul) element must be positioned either relative or absolute for it to work
    circular Boolean true Controls what happens when navigation with arrow keys and list bottom or top is reached
    inputId String generated ID Used for aria attributes and the id prop of the element (input)
    labelId String generated ID Used for aria attributes and the id prop of the element (label)
    menuId String generated ID Used for aria attributes and the id prop of the element (ul)
    getItemId Function(index) optional defaults to a function that generates an ID based on the index


    Emitted events return 2 parameters. First is the new value, and second is the state change type.

    Name Type Description
    select selectedItem: Any, type: stateChangeType Emitted when the item is selected
    change selectedItem: Any, type: stateChangeType Emitted when the selected item changes
    input-value-change inputValue: String, type: stateChangeType Emitted when the input value changes
    is-open-change isOpen: Boolean, type: stateChangeType Emitted when the isOpen value changes
    hovered-index-change hoveredIndex: Number, type: stateChangeType Emitted when the hoveredIndex value changes
    state-change state:Object, type: stateChangeType Emitted when the state changes. Contains all the changes

    Default Slot & returned props

    Default slot's scope contains: prop getters, event listeners, component state and actions.

    Prop getters

    Bind the prop getters to their elements with v-bind and event listeners with v-on. You can add your own event listeners to these elements too and any other props needed.

    <input v-bind="getInputProps()" v-on="getInputEventListeners()" />
    Name Type Description
    getComboboxProps function() returns the props you should apply to an element that wraps the input element that you render.
    getInputProps function() returns the props you should apply to the input element that you render.
    getLabelProps function() returns the props you should apply to the label element that you render.
    getItemProps function({ item: any, index: number, disabled: boolean }) returns the props you should apply to any menu item elements you render. item property is required!
    getMenuProps function() returns the props you should apply to the ul element (or root of your menu) that you render.

    Event listeners

    Name Type Description
    getInputEventListeners function({ blur?: (e: Event) => void, input?: (e: Event) => void, keydown?: (e: Event) => void, keyup?: (e: Event) => void }) Bind these to the input element.
    getItemEventListeners function({ item: any, index?: number, disabled?: boolean, mousemove?: (e: Event) => void, mousedown?: (e: Event) => void, click?: (e: Event) => void }) Bind these to the li element. item property is required!
    getMenuEventListeners function({ mouseleave?: (e: Event) => void, mousedown?: (e: Event) => void }) Bind these to the ul element.

    Custom Event Listeners

    (New in 1.1.0)

    You can add custom event listers with default event listeners. Your custom event listener will run before vue-combo-blocks internal event listener:

      <input v-bind="getInputProps()" v-on="getInputEventListeners()" @input="myInput" />

    You can also override, or just prevent the default event by providing you custom event listener as an argument:

        <input v-bind="getInputProps()" v-on="getInputEventListeners({ input: myInput })" />


    Name Type Description
    isOpen Boolean the list open state
    selectedItem Any the currently selected item
    hoveredIndex Number the currently hovered item
    inputValue String the value in the input


    Name Type Description
    reset function() Clears the selected item, and reset the input value
    select function(item: any) Selects an item
    setInputValue function(inputValue: string) Sets the input value
    openMenu function() Opens the menu
    closeMenu function() Closes the menu

    State Reducer

    function(state: object, actionAndChanges: object This function is called each time vue-combo-blocks sets its internal state. It gives you the current state and the state that will be set, and you return the state that you want to set.

    • state: The full current state of vue-combo-blocks.
    • actionAndChanges: Object that contains the action type, props needed to return a new state based on that type and the changes suggested by the vue-combo-blocks default reducer. About the type property you can learn more about in the stateChangeTypes section.

    In this example, we want to keep the menu open after the item is selected, and keep the input value empty

      <vue-combo-blocks :stateReducer="stateReducer" ****>
      methods: {
        stateReducer(oldState, { changes, type }) {
          switch (type) {
            case VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputKeyUpEnter:
            case VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.ItemClick:
              return {
                isOpen: true,
                inputValue: '',
              return changes;


    The list of all possible values this type property can take is defined in this file and is as follows:

    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputKeyDownArrowDown
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputKeyDownArrowUp
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputKeyDownTab
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputKeyUpEscape
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputKeyUpEnter
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputChange
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.InputBlur
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.MenuMouseLeave
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.ItemMouseMove
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.ItemClick
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.FunctionOpenMenu
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.FunctionCloseMenu
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.FunctionSelectItem
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.FunctionSetInputValue
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.FunctionReset
    • VueComboBlocks.stateChangeTypes.ControlledPropUpdatedSelectedItem


    npm i vue-combo-blocks

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