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vue-cli plugin to easily scaffold Vuetify 2.x w/ Electron 9.0

This plugin/preset is still very much a work in progress. Currently it is just a port of the old electron-vuetify repository.

Feature Set

  • electron 9 w/ electron-builder + electron-updater
  • routing w/ vue-router
  • sass
  • vuetify 2.x
  • vuetify eslint
  • vuetify-cli-preset
  • vuex + vuex-pathify
  • offline fonts

Getting Started

It is currently recommended to only use this preset to start a new project via the provided preset. In the future, a more robust setup may be created to handle the addition to existing projects.

Using the latest version of @vue/cli - run the following command:

  vue create --preset majesticpotatoe/vue-cli-plugin-electron-vuetify my-app

Currently theres an issue I am looking to resolve with preset configurations, For the time being prompts have been enabled. Make sure you select Electron v9.0.0.

Electron-vuetify is set up in a way to be used as both a standard SPA as well as an Electron app from the same codebase. There are 2 sets of commands for dev server and build:

Development Environment

  // standard app
  yarn serve
  // electron app
  yarn electron:serve


  // standard app
  yarn build
  // electron app
  yarn electron:build

Build Configuration

Building is performed using electron-builder with assistance of the vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder. Configuration is performed via pluginOptions.electronBuilder found in vue.config.js. A simple config for a window has been included.

For more info regarding electron-builder, its configuration and caveats, visit the electron docs.

Auto Update

Auto updating is performed by electron-updater. This works by using a github repository to prompt and update your electron app when a new version is published. You will need to make sure you update the repository in your package.json to the repository you wish to publish to.

Publishing is enabled by default via the setting in vue.config.js.

For more info regarding electron updater, its configuration and caveats, visit the electron docs.

Electron Stores

To maintain proper compilation between standard and electron apps, all electron state functionalities are placed in their own store. When running in electron, these stores are not loaded.

It is recommended to keep electron based components separate and disable their rendering with use of process.env.IS_ELECTRON


controls aspects of the electron window.


Name Default Description
fullscreen false window is in a fullscreen state
maximized false window is in a maximized state


Name Description
closeWin closes the electron window
minimizeWin minimizes the electron window
toggleFullscreen toggles the electron window between a fullscreen and normal state
toggleMaximize toggles the electron window between a maximized and normal state


  • Installation for existing applications
  • More in depth configuration
    • Splash screen option
    • Online/Offline Fonts
    • Vuetify supported icon sets
    • Addition build templates (osx, linux, mobile?)
    • and more...
  • Vue 3/Vuetify 3 (when support is released)


npm i vue-cli-plugin-electron-vuetify

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