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VtuberWiki SDK (Node.js)

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The VtuberWiki SDK is a JavaScript library that provides a convenient interface to access various information related to Vtubers, software, guides, authors, changelogs, partners, topics, and blogs from the VtuberWiki API.


You can install the VtuberWiki SDK using npm:

npm install vtuberwiki-sdk


Getting Started

// Import the SDK
import Sdk from "vtuberwiki-sdk";

// Create an instance of the SDK
const sdk = Sdk.getInstance()


// Example: Get information about Vtubers
const vtubers = await sdk.getVtubers({ limit: 5 });
console.log("Vtubers:", vtubers);

// Example: Get information about Software
const software = await sdk.getSoftware({ limit: 3 });
console.log("Software:", software);

// Example: Get information about Guides
const guides = await sdk.getGuides({ limit: 1 });
console.log("Guides:", guides);

// Example: Get information about Authors
const authors = await sdk.getAuthors({ limit: 16 });
console.log("Authors:", authors);

// Example: Get information about Changelogs
const changelogs = await sdk.getChangelogs({ limit: 2 });
console.log("Changelogs:", changelogs);

// Example: Get information about Partners
const partners = await sdk.getPartners({ limit: 5 });
console.log("Partners:", partners);

// Example: Get information about Topics
const topics = await sdk.getTopics({ limit: 4 });
console.log("Topics:", topics);

// Example: Get information about Blogs
const blogs = await sdk.getBlogs({ limit: 6 });
console.log("Blogs:", blogs);

Available Methods

getVtubers(params?: VtuberParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about Vtubers.

getSoftware(params?: SoftwareParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about software.

getGuides(params?: GuideParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about guides.

getAuthors(params?: AuthorParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about authors.

getBlogs(params?: BlogParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about blogs.

getChangeLogs(params?: ChangeLogParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about changelogs.

getPartners(params?: PartnerParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about partners.

getTopics(params?: TopicParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Retrieve information about topics.

setApiVersion(version: string): void

Change the API version used by the SDK.

Retrieve information about out social media.

getSocials(params?: TopicParams): Promise<Object | Array>

Available Parameters

Each data retrieval method supports specific parameters. See the Parameter Interfaces section for detailed information.


Check out the tests directory for more detailed usage examples.


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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