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Select vtree nodes (used by virtual-dom) using css selectors.

Selector matching is done using cssauron. See the documentation for details on supported selectors.


var select = require("vtree-select");
var h = require("virtual-hyperscript");
var vtree = h("div", [
  h("span", "hello"),
  h("strong", "world"),
select("div strong")(vtree)
// -> <strong>world</strong> (VNode object) 
select("div strong").matches(vtree)
// -> false 
// -> true 


require("vtree-select")(selector [, options]) -> match

Create a match function that takes a vtree and returns an array of nodes that match the selector.

options.caseSensitiveTag enables case sensitivity for tag names. This is useful for XML, which has case-sensitive tag names. HTML tag names are not case sensitive.

match(vtree) -> array

Returns an array of matched nodes, or null if no nodes match.

Unlike css and querySelectorAll, text nodes are matched and returned.

Selectors are case-sensitive.

match.matches(vtree) -> boolean

Returns true if the vtree matches the selector, or false otherwise.


npm install vtree-select