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Set up a blueprint folder ready to go for TypeScript Node.js development in VS Code.

This package lets you deploy a pre-configured directory structure including:

  • Boilerplate README markdown file
  • blank git repository, with a .gitignore that ignores ./node_modules/, ./build/ and the ./coverage directories
  • .vscode folder with:
    • pre-configured launch.json file with a debug-current-working-file config
    • pre-configured tasks.json that defines a tsc-watch task for background TypeScript compiling
    • some recommended vscode extensions that you may find useful for generic Typescript development
  • pre-configured tsconfig.json that auto-includes all .ts files under ./src
  • package.json file
    • includes dependencies for TypeScript development & debugging, testing with Jest, and ts-node & typescript packages for debugging .ts files directly in VS Code
    • Auto-populates the package name and author name (using your Windows username)
  • ./src/test/test.ts includes boilerplate Jest test


Install as a global command line tool:

npm i -g vs-new


From your parent Projects directory:

vs-new my-new-project

will create a new directory named my-new-project, will insert that name into the package.json file, and will use your Windows username to populate the Author field. All other boilerplate files will be copied into the directory.



  • Added dev instructions to this repo's README
  • Removed superfluous console.log() call


  • Replace mocha with jest as the test runner
  • Run npm i ... to install all the dev dependencies in the resulting project, rather than just copying a static package.json file
    • This allows the user to always start with the latest versions of all these packages
  • Added a helper library and a sample unit test which better demonstrate the unity test functionality
  • Added recommended VS Code extensions to support generic Typescript development.


  • Moved all @types dependencies in the generated package.json file to devDependencies


  • Added shebang to main.js and bin field to package.json, which are required for npm i -g ./ to work
  • .gitignore file is now being generated correctly.


  • Improved README
  • Blueprint README file now also auto-populates the package name.


  • Added content to blueprint README file
  • Made the boilerplate Mocha tests runnable
  • Fixed path to test folder in blueprint launch.json
  • Added error handling on retrieving Windows username
  • Now script will run git init in the deployed directory, rather than attempting to copy a blank .git folder
  • Launch.json now uses the integrated terminal by default instead of the debugger console, in order to allow for debugging of interactive CLI apps
  • Fixed typo in deployed package.json (main.ts -> main.js)
  • Fixed typo in README


Added ts-node and typescript packages to the dev-dependencies so that the "Launch current file with ts-node" launch config will work out-of-the-box.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. Make changes, most likely to the contents of the ./blueprint dir and to ./src/main.ts
  4. Compile with npx tsc
  5. Test your changes from the parent of this repo's directory, using ./vs-new/build/main.js dummyProject to create a new project locally
  6. When you're happy with your changes, describe the changes in README.md and git commit the changes
  7. Run npm version <patch/minor/major> to autocommit a version increment of package.json
  8. git push these changes to GitHub and npm publish the latest version to npm.

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