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Wrapper for fetching info from VR's Junat kartalla-service


This is a node.js module for fetching info from VR's Junat kartalla-service.

You can fetch info from different stations and trains.

Documentation of the API is available here:

  npm install vr

Stations are named by codes. The list of the train stations with their code is available at:

Also, the service also gives you information about whetever train is canceled or why it is delayed with code names.

The list of them is available at Finnish Transport Agency's site:

There's three methods in this module.

Gives you station's departing and arriving trains. You need to use code name of the station. For example, Lahti is LH.

  var vr = require('vr');
  vr.getStationInfo('LH', function (info) {

Gives you all trains that are on the tracks at the moment.

  var vr = require('vr');
  vr.getTrains(function (trains) {

Gives information about the stations that the train with given guid goes by. Also gives latitude/longitude, speed and direction of train. (Use guid from getStationInfo/getTrains in this.)

  var vr = require('vr');
  vr.getTrain('S79', function (train) {