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This is a node.js module for fetching info from VR's Junat kartalla-service.

You can fetch info from different stations and trains.

Documentation of the API is available here:


  npm install vr

Useful information

Stations are named by codes. The list of the train stations with their code is available at:

Also, the service also gives you information about whetever train is canceled or why it is delayed with code names.

The list of them is available at Finnish Transport Agency's site:

How to use

There's three methods in this module.


Gives you station's departing and arriving trains. You need to use code name of the station. For example, Lahti is LH.

  var vr = require('vr');
  vr.getStationInfo('LH', function (info) {


Gives you all trains that are on the tracks at the moment.

  var vr = require('vr');
  vr.getTrains(function (trains) {


Gives information about the stations that the train with given guid goes by. Also gives latitude/longitude, speed and direction of train. (Use guid from getStationInfo/getTrains in this.)

  var vr = require('vr');
  vr.getTrain('S79', function (train) {