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Voxelize a triangulated mesh into an ndarray.


//Load bunny 
var bunny = require("bunny")
//Voxelize the mesh 
var result = require("voxelize")(bunny.cells, bunny.positions, 0.1)
//Unpack result 
var voxels = result.voxels
var origin = result.origin
var resolution = result.resolution


npm install voxelize

require("voxelize")(cells, positions[, resolution])

Voxelizes a triangulated mesh into an ndarray

  • cells are the indexed faces of the mesh
  • positions are the locations of the vertices in the mesh
  • resolution is the resolution at which the mesh needs to be voxelized

Returns An object with the following properties

  • voxels the binary voxel image of the mesh
  • origin the coordinate of the bottm left back corner of the voxel array
  • resolution the resolution of the voxel array

The real location of a voxel (i,j,k) in the mesh coordinates is given by:

[ resolution * i + origin[0], resolution * j + origin[1], resolution * k + origin[2] ]


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License