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A module to pupeteer a voxel person with an OpenNI/NITE-enabled depth sensor (like the Xbox Kinect).##

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Presently the API is very simple. Just pass voxel-zigfu a minecraft-skin of your choice, and voxel-zigfu will take care of the puppeteering the limbs as you move in front of your OpenNI-enabled depth sensor of choice. Designed for use with Voxel.js. Here it is, tacked on to the end of the minecraft-skin sample code:

var kinect = require('voxel-zigfu')
var skin = require('minecraft-skin')

window.dan = skin(game.THREE, 'danf.png')
var danObject = dan.mesh

Please note you will need to include the Zigfu source in your HTML page, and you will need their extension installed in your browser. You can get that at

You can run a demo of the module using browserify and http-server. First make sure you have them both installed like so:

npm install browserify -g
npm install http-server -g

Then you can build the demo site and run it from your terminal:

browserify demo.js -o bundle.js

This will open a port on your localhost that you can open with your browser.