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npm install voxel-walk --save Spreading the good word. Using --save updates your package.json automatically.

A simple walk cycle animation for minecraft-skin characters (used in Voxel.js), using code ripped directly out of Daniel Hede's "Minecraft Items", the same project that birthed the minecraft-skin module.

Run this example.

var walk = require('voxel-walk')

In your render loop you pass it a minecraft-skin object for each tick (npm minecraft-skin). For example, if you hav a minecraft-skin named duck:

var render = function () {

When called, the walk function automatically detects the velocity of the skin, and eases the stride to an appropriate magnitude.

If you want to run the demo, just run:

//If you don't have browserify installed:
npm install browserify -g
browserify demo.js -o bundle.js
//If you don't have http-server installed:
npm install http-server -g