Spread a virus in voxel.js


Spread a virus in voxel.js.

Might make a good base for a fire or water module as well ;)


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// create a virus 
var virus = require('voxel-virus')({
  // pass a copy of the game 
  game: game,
  // which material index of virus 
  // can use a material name instead, ie 'obsidian' 
  // or false to not change the material 
  material: 0,
  // how fast in milliseconds to spread 
  rate: 3000,
  // how many iterations before dying 
  // set to 0 to never decay (and eventually crash your game) 
  decay: 10,
  // how virulent; between 0 and 1 
  // 0 wont spread 
  // 1 spreads to all surrounding blocks 
  virulence: 0.5,
  // how it spreads 
  // by default it will remove the block 
  // and spread to surrounding blocks 
  howfunction(block) {
    var self = this;
    if (self.decay > 0) level++;
    self.game.setBlock(block, 0);
    self.around(block).forEach(function(b) {
      self.infect(b, level);
// on click, infect block 
game.on('fire', virus.infect.bind(virus));
// on tick, spread the virus 
game.on('tick', virus.tick.bind(virus));


If no arguments given, it will infect the block you're pointing at. Set block to position of block new game.THREE.Vector3(0, 0, 0) to infect. level is the current number of iteration the infection is on.

Push the iterations forward. Needs to be added to the game tick to keep in time with the game simulation.

game.on('tick', virus.tick.bind(virus));

Returns block positions around the given block. Uses virus.virulence to randomly not select blocks.

var around = virus.around({x:0,y:0,z:0});
// around equals an array of blocks up, down, left, right, front and back 

An array of blocks that are currently infected with time or iteration prepended.

virus.infected = [
  [time, block],
  [time, block],
  // ... 


With npm do:

npm install voxel-virus

Use browserify to require('voxel-virus').

  • 0.1.0 - initial release

Copyright (c) 2013 Kyle Robinson Young
Licensed under the MIT license.