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Shader for use with voxel-mesher.

Based on @mikolalysenko's ao-shader

Requires voxel-stitch for textures, game-shell-fps-camera for camera view matrix, and indirectly voxel-mesher through game.voxels.meshes.


Load with voxel-plugins


  • perspectiveResize: if true (default), listens for gl-resize game-shell event and updates projection matrix
  • cameraNear, cameraFar: camera near and far clipping planes
  • cameraFOV: field of view in degrees (note: call updateProjectionMatrix() after changing any of the camera options, see camera-debug)

When the plugin is enabled, it will automatically listen for gl-init and gl-render events from game-shell, for initializing and rendering the scene.


Voxels are rendered in two passes, refer to the voxel-mesher documentation for further details.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko, (c) 2014 deathcap. MIT License