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select a group of voxels


work in progress -- not done yet

select a cube shaped group/region of voxels in game. useful for exporting parts of a world, etc

npm install voxel-select
var createSelector = require('voxel-select')
var selector = createSelector(game)
select.set(start, end) // bounding box positions 

returns an initialization function that you must pass your game object into in order to get a selector instance

sets the selection. start and end should be [x, y, z] vectors. visible is by default true and controls whether or not to draw a selection wireframe

returns absolute [width, height, depth] of the current selection

run a function over each voxel in the current selection. idx is the voxel interchange format array index

returns data in the voxel interchange format

clears the current selection and removes the wireframe if present