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Automatically teleport the player back to a known location if they enter a certain region of the world (e.g. fall off the map)

NOTE: this module is based pretty heavily on maxogden/voxel-highlight.

npm install voxel-rescue


var rescue = require('voxel-rescue')

rescue(gameInstance, optionalOptions)

options can be:

  frequency:  // how often in milliseconds to check player position, default is 500. 
  position:   // where to teleport the player when they enter the danger zone, default is game.startingPosition. 
  teleport:   // if false, do not teleport the player automatically, only emit a 'rescue' event. default is true. 
  dangerZone: // area to rescue the player from. default is: 
    lower: {x: -Infinity, y: -Infinity, z: -Infinity},
    upper: {x: Infinity, y: -100, z: Infinity}

rescue.on('rescue', function(position) {})

gets called when player is rescued with the position they were at when rescued.

Get the demo running on your machine

The first time you set up, you should install the required npm packages:

cd voxel-rescue
npm install
npm install browserify -g

Then run the start script (which you'll need to do every time you want to run the demo):

npm start

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080 and have fun!

If you get stuck then look at the readme for voxel-hello-world