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Ray casting queries for voxel.js


Via npm:

npm install voxel-raycast


Here is how you could use the library to make a ray query:

var traceRay = require("voxel-raycast").bind({}, voxels);

var hit_normal = new Array(3);
var hit_position = new Array(3);
var hit_block = traceRay([0,0,0], [1,0,0], 10.0, hit_positions, hit_normal);

if(hit_block > 0) {
  console.log("Hit:", hit_block, hit_position, hit_normal);
} else {

require("voxel-raycast")(voxels, origin, direction, max_d[, hit_position, hit_normal, EPSILON])

Casts a ray against a voxel.js game instance.

  • voxels is the main voxel.js instance
  • origin is the origin of the ray
  • direction is the direction of the ray
  • max_d is a limit on the distance the ray can travel
  • hit_position is the point of impact of the ray and the voxel world
  • hit_normal is the normal of the ray impact
  • EPSILON is an optional floating point number giving the relative accuracy of the ray distance (default 1e-8)

Returns the block type of the voxel that the ray cast hit, or if no voxel was encountered returns 0 and hit_position is set to origin + direction * max_d. To get the voxel coordinate, round the hit position down using Math.floor

If the the ray starts in a block or does not hit a voxel, the returned hit normal is [0,0,0]


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD License