GLSL post-processing module for Voxel.js

GLSL post-processing module for Voxel.js! This is a wrapper for @alteredq's THREE.EffectComposer, which allows you to stack fragment shaders for nice effects such as Bloom, Blur, Mosaic Filters and so on.

The demo is somewhat less graceful, but you get the idea.

npm install voxel-pp


Enable post processing.


Add a shader pass using the fragmentShader string. Includes sampler2D tDiffuse (the screen texture) and vec2 vUv (the current pixel) by default.


Same as above, but takes an object instead with the following properties, all optional:

  • fragmentShader
  • vertexShader
  • uniforms

See demo.js for the code used in the demo.

var game = require('voxel-engine')()
  , voxelpp = require('voxep')
var composer = voxelpp(game)
    fragmentShader: require('./another/fragment/shader.fs'),
    uniforms: {
      amount: { type: 'f', value: 1 }