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An addon for voxel.js to mine blocks of variable hardness. Hold down the left mouse button to mine:


Hardness can be set for each block type (controls how long it takes to mine). As the mining progresses, damage overlay textures (not included, example is from ProgrammerArt) are shown:


The 'break' event is sent when the mining completes. You can listen to this event and setBlock to 0 to remove the block, or use voxel-harvest to do this for you and add an item representing the block to a (player's) inventory, therefore "harvesting" the mined block. voxel-mine doesn't harvest the blocks automatically, it merely sends an event when the mining process is complete, to be handled appropriately by other code.


var createMine = require('voxel-mine');
var mine = createMine(game, opts);

mine.on('break', function(target) {
  // do something to this voxel (remove it, etc.)

or with voxel-plugins:

plugins.load('mine', opts);

see source for supported/required options

Requires voxel-reach