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generate landforms for voxel-engine


A terrain generator combining several landform features. Grass, dirt, stone, trees.

Trees are provided by voxel-forest, and the overall grass surface by Perlin noise (similar to voxel-perlin-terrain:

Beneath the grass is dirt, and then all chunks below are stone:

Load with voxel-plugins. Requires the voxel-registry plugin to be loaded as well.

voxel-land generates chunks as ndarrays, so it requires voxel-engine-stackgl (voxel-land 0.1.0 and earlier were for voxel-engine).

The voxel-engine-stackgl game options should have generateChunks: false. voxel-land will listen on game.voxel for the missingChunk event and generate the new chunks. The generator can be unregistered by disabling the plugin.