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Events for key bindings (voxel.js plugin)

Use with voxel-plugins:

var keys = game.plugins.get('voxel-keys');

keys.down.on('left', function() {
    console.log('the key corresponding to the left keybinding was pressed');

Supports either kb-bindings or game-shell.

Three event emitters are available on the plugin instance: down, up, and changed. All emit events corresponding to the name of the keybinding (not the key name itself, but the descriptive name, for example "left" for "A", if using FPS-style WASD movement controls). The events are only emitted when the state changes from up to down, or down to up (not continuously while pressed, unlike the DOM keypress event).

When used with game-shell, an additional API is available to add default keybindings:

keys.registerKey('left', 'A');

will bind left to A if there is no existing binding for left. Without game-shell, default keybindings are instead defined statically with the keybindings option to voxel-engine.